Ricoh’s new A3 black and white multifunction printer range is ready for the digital age in which people expect hassle-free information sharing, easy interactive finger swipes and taps on responsive touch screens, with cloud-connected and mobile-ready functionality.
The new range of imaging devices are simple on the surface but powerful under the hood and, because direct communication remains popular, even let people do things like automatically fold paper three different ways, ready to be popped into envelopes, right at the office instead of the hassle of having to send a job to a commercial printer.
“The rapid, sweeping, and revisionary changes in communications brought about by the digital age mean people expect simple interactivity with integrated information streams that make their lives better,” says Esti Kilian, GM: Marketing Services at Ricoh SA. “The Smart Operation Panel is an Android tablet built into the machines so people can create and install their own apps, a useful feature for automating and simplifying workflows, for example. And people can browse the Web right from the device if they wish, create documents, edit them, and manage the content all the way from the device, other local network devices, an even offsite and cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. They can even interact with these multifunction devices from their smartphones.”
The new A3 black and white MP 6503SP, MP 7503SP and MP 9003SP Smart multifunction printer models also effectively managing printing and energy costs.
The Smart Operation Panel also allows layout and content to be tailored to suit the preferences of individuals and teams, which provides immediate access to most commonly used print, copy and scan functions through one-touch icons and opens up a host of engaging creative possibilities.

Easy integration with documents, workflows and mobile devices
Ricoh’s document scanning, distribution and management software also offers the possibility to expand machine functionality. Scans and other documents can be saved in full colour directly to e-mail, portable media or internal folders to speed up workflow.

Unlock creativity as well as functionality
All of these devices feature innovative optional finishers and a multi-folding unit which can prepare documents in a huge variety of styles, including tri-fold, gatefold and four-fold. It’s never been easier to create engaging mailers that are ready for envelope insertion, while avoiding the cost of having to outsource more complex print requirements. A choice of three different print speeds helps make the new models a great fit for fast-paced businesses of all sizes.

Save time, power and money
All three MFPs are equipped with a fast-start Human Detection Sensor, meaning they automatically prepare for action when you approach, with less time wasted waiting for warm up. They also consume less power in eco friendly sleep mode, and include technology to minimise toner waste to lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO).
“People who use these machines will spend less time getting high quality results,” says Kilian.