Avaya is announcing a new foundational approach to network security that helps reduce the growing number of breaches that compromise data integrity and privacy. The new approach enables organisations to create stealth, hyper-segments within their networks that are invisible to hackers and provide the elasticity to protect the everywhere perimeter.
While trends such as mobility, IoT and cloud computing promise incalculable opportunities, they make it nearly impossible to determine the location of organisation’s boundaries and thus, real and potential security threats stymie progress. The reality today is that an organisations perimeter is now everywhere, which makes it even more critical that security is a core component of the network architecture that is capable of extending to any potential access point – whether that’s in the cloud, a mobile device or a sensor unit in a HVAC system.
Hyper-segmentation — the ability to create secure “swim lanes” within the overall network based on a particular function, location or service — offers a means of addressing security breaches by limiting how far a hacker can go once they gain access. But, while IT professionals agree that end-to-end segmentation is essential for security, few currently deploy such a strategy for various reasons, including it’s too complex, too resource intensive or don’t believe it’s possible.
Avaya Networking offers a different approach to securing the “everywhere perimeter” that comprises three synergistic capabilities:
* Hyper-Segmentation: The ability to create stealth segments that span the entire network.
* Native Stealth: The characteristic of a hyper-segment that is invisible to hackers.
* Automated Elasticity: The capability to create and remove hyper-segments automatically.
Avaya’s capabilities start at the foundational layer –a shared control plane — to automatically manage hyper-segments seamlessly and invisibly across the organisation. Avaya SDN and identity technologies eliminate the tradeoff between security and complexity by automating the onboarding and access of devices, users, switches, and servers to make protecting and managing every-where access effortless.
Avaya’s capabilities are comprised of the following Avaya products:
* Fabric Connect, Fabric Attach, and Fabric Extend (software feature on Avaya Switches).
* Identity Engines (network access software).
* Open Networking Adapter (open server software on a pocket-sized appliance).
* SDN Controller (software delivered today on a server tomorrow bundled with Avaya Fabric Orchestrator delivered on a server).
* WLAN 9100 (wireless controller software delivered on Avaya access points).
* Deployment and management services
“As the number of network security breaches reach staggering proportions – an increase of 38% in just the past year alone – hackers seem to be just one step ahead of the latest security technologies,” says Danny Drew, MD of Avaya South Africa. “Avaya’s approach to network security begins at the core and extends wherever the business needs it to be.
“Our hyper-segmentation, native stealth and automated elasticity capabilities creates safety zones that hackers can’t see, and therefore won’t be able to access.”