Automotive supplier Valeo has partnered with digital security expert Gemalto to adds security to its virtual car key system, Valeo InBlue.
With Valeo InBlue, drivers can use their smartphone or connected watch to lock, unlock and start their car, control applications and remotely access useful vehicle data using Bluetooth.
This innovation is based on an on-board equipment, connected to a smartphone development kit (SDK) hosting a secured virtual car key provided by the Valeo cloud-based platform.
Valeo InBlue leverages the Gemalto Allynis Trusted Services Hub (TSH) solution providing secure over-the-air (OTA) deployment and lifecycle management of applications and sensitive credentials for vehicles. Thanks to Gemalto security solutions, virtual car keys are securely sent to smartphones and stored with a high level of security that is comparable with current mobile payment solutions being deployed with banks around the world.
Valeo InBlue is compatible with Android or iOS based smartphones on any mobile network. This easy to implement solution makes the technology deployable on any market at a fast pace.
“In 2015, 1,4-billion smartphones were sold worldwide and the number of smartwatches is expected to reach 50-million this year opening the door to a world of possibilities to leverage devices with smart car applications,” says Marc Vrecko, comfort and driving assistance vice-president at Valeo. “Gemalto is a pioneer of secure connected car technology and its proven Trusted Service Hub helped us deliver next generation services with enhanced security for drivers and car manufacturers.”
With Valeo InBlue, authorised users can remotely register new connected devices for use with a vehicle and receive vehicle information such as car location, fuel level, enabling easy secured car sharing and simplified rentals.
“People love their cars as much as their connected devices. The convergence of the two is transforming the transportation sector enhancing performance, safety and driverĀ“s comfort,” says Frederic Vasnier, executive vice-president: embedded software and products at Gemalto. “Valeo InBlue technology defends against key fob hacking thus improving security and convenience for drivers.
“It is revolutionising car sharing and car rental, establishing an entirely new marketplace that Frost & Sullivan says will be used by 26-million people by 2020.”