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Demand for workstations is expected to surge during the next 10 years.
According to a report by Future Market Insights, North America will continue to dominate the market and will exhibit wider market opportunities for key players in the coming years.
Workstations are becoming more prevalent in businesses and organisations that require high-quality 3D rendering machines, digital content management systems, big data management, networking and graphic design, and software engineering.
FMI say that over the next 10 years the global workstation market will primarily be driven by factors such as increasing global demand for virtual workstations, digital content creation application and digitisation of different sectors. Few other factors include increasing shift from Apple Mac and personal computer to advanced computing systems such as the workstation and growing demand for exploration application is expected to support the growth of the overall market.
In addition, rising demand for mobile workstations in software designing applications is expected to benefit the market during the forecast. On the other, introduction of alternative computing technologies with equal functionality, value and performance can curtail the market growth.
FMI notes that increasing adoption of CAD (computer aided designs and drafting) will significantly influence the global workstation market over the forecast period. Based on operating systems, windows operating system workstations are expected to account for the highest percentage of sales in 2016 and is likely to continue similar trends in the coming years.
Based on product type, mobile workstations are estimated to account for an impressive 23,7% revenue share of the global workstation market by the end of 2016.
However, the all-in-one workstation is anticipated to witness higher CAGR compared to mobile workstation during the forecast period.
Similarly, North America is observed as the largest market for workstations and is estimated to account for over 40% share of the global workstation market in terms of value, by 2016 end. It is considered to be the most lucrative market for workstation attributed to the high demand for digital content creation. North America is followed by Asia Pacific excluding Japan APEJ, West Europe and MEA. In addition, the APEJ workstation market projected to surpass $7-billion by 2016 end and is expected to expand at 10.7% CAGR during the forecast period to reach $19.9 by 2026.
The APEJ workstation market is expected to be driven by digital revolution, rapid growth in infrastructure and economic growth and transition of the countries such China and India. In terms of value, the market in West Europe is estimated to account for 27,8% share by the end of 2016.
Leading players in the global workstation market, include Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, NEC and Lenovo.