International cabling solutions specialist R&M and its South African-based fibre optic network component manufacturer Tank Industries have launched R&M’s new SYNO dome gel cold sealing and modular cable entry solution into the South African market.
The new SYNO dome closure launched at the exhibition area of R&M, Tank Industries and affiliate, local cable manufacturer CBi Telecom Cables during the FTTH Council Conference 2016.
R&M’s new modular system for cable entries eliminates the laborious task of threading fibre optic cables through the closure bottom plate and does away with time-consuming sealing using shrink tubes. SYNO dome features innovative gel cold sealing and variable cable entries, giving network operators more freedom for FTTX projects.
“This innovation comes to market at the right time for South African operators and service providers, who need to upscale network capacity rapidly and require ongoing flexibility to meet surging local demand,” says Clive Maasch, GM of Tank Industries. “Because of the increase in fibre optic rollouts across the country at the moment, the fibre enclosures need to be flexible to accommodate expansion. The local market has been looking for an advanced, future proof yet cost effective solution such as this.”
Using integrated blocks made from the company’s own SYNO gel to seal the splice closure, SYNO dome is optimised for all typical cable diameters, making the dome closure suited to virtually any application – for example as a distribution, branch, or cable joint closure. The largest of the three dome closure models can hold up to 1 152 fibres and splices. A bending radius of 40mm is gentle on fibres and is guaranteed regardless of packing density.
The fibre optic cables are inserted laterally, doing away with the need to thread them through the closure bottom plate. The cable entries can be opened, closed, changed, and retrofitted in just a few simple steps and the cable bays and individual cables remain freely accessible, meaning that the dome closure can be modified or fitted with additional fibre optic cables – even during network operations.
When the cable entry is sealed, gel surrounds each cable, preventing dust and moisture from getting in. In addition, the dome-end splice cannot be damaged by fluctuating temperatures, mechanical loads or water pressure.
“The SYNO dome brings to market fast, convenient, dependable installation, scalable fibre management and a single platform for all applications; to enhance our existing joint solution portfolios,” says Maasch.