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Co-founder of national ICT managed services provider and member of the Business Connexion (BCX) Group Integr8 Robert Sussman has added his support to the Barclays Accelerator Programme.
Sussman heads up Integr8, a market leader and South African technology success story. The company services local and international clients, and is a long-time contributor to local ICT skills development.
As joint-CEO, Sussman knows exactly which tech skills are sought-after in the market and what is required to establish and run a successful enterprise within global technology markets. His passion for technology focused startups and entrepreneurs means that he is able to add immediate value to initiatives established to support local talent.
One such initiative is the Barclays Accelerator Programme, a three-month intensive programme designed to assist newly formed global and tech-focused businesses advance and sustain growth.
Sussman is a mentor on this programme and offers advice to budding entrepreneurs on the realities of running a technology operation in today’s market, covering all aspects such as digitisation, cloud strategy, big data and analysis, data governance, various outsourcing models and financing.
“These factors will influence the growth trajectory of any business entering the market today … a startup has the advantage of being fresh, nimble and flexible, so there is a natural degree of agility. But, it takes support from mentors and investors to ensure that business models work and that those who are driving these businesses do not overlook critical steps and risk making all-too common mistakes,” Sussman explains.
He also believes in the work being done by Nedbank-backed Launchlab business ecosystem in moulding tomorrow’s business leaders by leveraging and supporting academic institutions and has sat on the judging panel of Standard Banks Seedstars.
“We believe that by sharing our story and vision for the future, we will continue to uplift and empower entrepreneurs to create companies. It is these companies that create jobs and these entrepreneurs that unlock opportunity to disrupt existing business models and deliver value to people. I enjoy seeing Africa’s technology ecosystem grow and thrive, and I am proud to add our support to these important business accelerator programmes,” Sussman says.