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Avaya has announced a new platform for business communications that fulfills the long-sought promise of unified communications. Avaya Equinox delivers streamlined, mobile-first communications within the applications and browsers employees “live in” for their work.
Customisable through the Avaya Breeze Client SDK by vertical industry or worker requirements, Avaya Equinox is supported on desktop or mobile devices, and available out-of-the box on the elegant, all-glass Avaya Vantage device.
By consolidating various applications and interfaces into one experience, Avaya Equinox liberates employees and IT departments from disjointed communications that hinder productivity and increase stress. The multitude of real-time and non-real-time communications methods used by workers typically requires a disruptive two- to three-step process of leaving a business application to communicate.
While the vision of UC was to merge methods and simplify access, vendors today still struggle to fully merge all the communication application infrastructure and cloud-based services into a single platform that offers the simplified user experience of Avaya Equinox.
Key elements of Avaya Equinox include:
* Mobile First Experience, Action Oriented Workflow for Immediate Response – Workers can quickly see all scheduled meetings, messaging updates, and communications history in one place and take immediate action with a single touch. Optimised to the device – mobile, tablet, desktop, browser and Avaya Vantage — the experience maintains mobile simplicity while embracing the benefits inherent in a wide range of devices.
* Skip the Download: Collaborate from a Browser – Avaya Equinox enables robust collaboration from within HTML5 browsers with no downloads or plugins needed thanks to WebRTC technology. This best- in- class browser experience with full collaboration capabilities eliminates migration challenges for organisations in the process of transitioning desktop business applications to the web and/or shifting applications to the cloud.
* Drive Performance and Differentiate with Smart Digital Solutions – Embed Avaya Equinox communication and collaboration capabilities within business processes or context, or into any business application to create and integrate unique solutions for vertical needs and competitive differentiation. Extend and accelerate smart digital solution creation with the single solution-wide Avaya Breeze Client SDK, workflow automation and Avaya Snapp Store ecosystem. Avaya Vantage runs Equinox right out of the box, but is also infinitely customizable through the Client SDK.
* Simply Access True Enterprise Class HD Video and Voice Anywhere, Anytime – Provides reliable, secure, high-quality HD voice and video for communication anywhere on any device, with easy, remote access including VPN-less connectivity. One number reach for all devices accelerates enterprise workflows and deployments; workers even can simultaneously use multiple devices.
* Message with Continuity and Always-On Effectiveness – Persistent, multimedia messaging for text, audio, video, images and files allows employees to access and send team messages in real time — or anytime. A conversation initiated on the desktop in the morning can be picked back up on the mobile device at lunchtime, for example. Workers can even message those who are offline for more efficient team interaction. One click from the messaging function escalates the session to a call or conference.
* Reduce the Complexity and Expense of Multiple ‘UC’ Solutions – Avaya Equinox provides a single platform that supports all the different modes of conferencing. High scale audio conferencing, extensive web collaboration, rich multi-vendor HD video, even event streaming to 100 000 users in an all in one software solution. Users have one login and one easy solution to learn, and IT has one solution to support with one set of statistics, single provisioning, a smaller footprint with higher efficiency and lower costs.
Avaya Equinox is generally available globally this calendar quarter, with the advance conferencing capability coming in the first quarter of 2017. The platform is sold on a per-user, suite licensing basis with subscription or perpetual pricing models, along with a traditional concurrent user pricing option for conferencing.