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Qlik’s platform-based approach to business intelligence (BI) and analytics, Qlik Sense, has ranked first in customer and product satisfaction, customer experience, project success, business value, query performance, and performance among large international BI vendors in the industry’s largest independent global survey of BI users.
Qlik Sense makes its debut as a leader across 13 categories in the large international BI vendor peer group, including: self-service, data discovery/visualisation, vendor support, price-to-value perception, performance satisfaction, and business benefits.
QlikView, Qlik’s data discovery solution, is top ranked in the considered for purchase category across all peer group categories – and for the third straight year – in the large international BI vendor peer group.
The BI Survey 16, conducted by the Business Application Research Center (BARC), is the world’s largest independent survey of BI end users. This is the eighth year Qlik participated in the survey and the Company continued to have a strong showing of customer participation.
Of the respondents, Qlik customers use the solution for a broad range of applications with a focus on visual data discovery.
“Qlik Sense is highly rated in terms of providing business benefits to customers compared to other large international BI vendors, making the vendor and its product set a leading driver of business value,” says Dr Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of BARC. “Although Qlik Sense is still relatively young in the market, the product convinces customers by yielding business benefits and delivering fast project implementation cycles.
“Our research shows that Qlik Sense customers give it very good marks in ‘Innovation’ categories such as cloud BI, mobile BI, and location intelligence.”
In addition to taking top honors among large international BI vendors, Qlik Sense was also recognised as a leader in nine categories among the self-service reporting-focused products peer group, including: data discovery/visualisation, self-service, innovation, considered for purchase, customer experience, agility, and visual design standards.
Among the visual-discovery focused products peer group, Qlik Sense was hailed a leader in eight categories, including: business value, project success, self-service, performance satisfaction, and data discovery/visualisation.
QlikView also ranks first in the considered for purchase category in both the self-service reporting-focused products peer group and the visual-discovery focused products peer group.
“We have always been a disruptive force in the BI industry, and will continue to make bold moves,” says Lars Bj√∂rk, CEO of Qlik. “We are excited by the results of the BI Survey 16 because it shows not only the power Qlik continues to deliver, but also because it is from our customers’ first-hand experience.
“We strive to make analytics intuitive, easy to use and, at times, addictive. By outperforming the competition in key areas such as performance and customer satisfaction, we show how the Qlik platform has become a vital part of customers’ business operations.”

The BI Survey 16 – now in its sixteenth year – is based on findings from a global survey featuring 3 137 respondents answering a series of detailed questions about their usage of a named product in the BI space. The survey compares BI products in areas including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation, and agility. Altogether, 37 products (or groups of products) are analysed in detail.