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Cyber-intelligence company Snode has launched in South Africa.
The company utilises advanced mathematical algorithms, the processing power of learning machines, and predictive analytics; providing real-time intelligence to your business. Snode provides insights into behavioural patterns, which help identify and combat cyber-threats before potential breaches may occur.
Snode uses Intelligence Amplification (IA), which combines machine learning with the depth of human experience and insight. Differing significantly from Artificial Intelligence, which aspires to replace human involvement altogether.
“Snode’s application in cybersecurity leverages years of expertise in cyber-intelligence and mathematics,” says Nithen Naidoo, CIO at Snode. “The company believes it provides a much needed service in South Africa; cybercriminals are now, more than ever, turning their attention to emerging markets which they perceive to be easy, yet lucrative, targets.”
Within emerging markets, it is the banking sector that is particularly vulnerable, as evidenced by the recent slate of SWIFT attacks, as are C-suite executives. Exacerbating matters is that cyberattacks frequently come from advanced and highly motivated crime syndicates which are dispersed globally. The recent trend of commercial enterprises, governments and other NGO’s engaging in cybercrime further fuels the increased sophistication of attacks.
A more intelligent line of defence is urgently required, as traditional end-point and signature based technologies are inefficient in dealing with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.
“Snode believes that a more proactive and innovative approach to cybersecurity is needed. South Africa is already in the midst of a cybersecurity storm,” says Naidoo. “Snode brings existing security controls into a next-generation cyber-defence, capable of defeating today’s sophisticated and dynamic attackers.”
Data is the core of any business, therefore it is of the utmost importance to effectively secure your information; protecting it against cyber-threats.
“Snode tips the balance in cyber-warfare, to favour the defenders and root-out the attackers. Passively monitoring massive amounts of data traversing client networks, giving Snode a comprehensive view of all activities. It detects and reports suspicious behavioural patterns, as well as various anomalies, in real-time. No conventional solution does this,” Naidoo adds.