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SilverBridge designed and implemented a customised managed services solution at GetSure Zimbabwe to enable the insurer to migrate its individual life and group businesses to a cloud platform for streamlined operations.
Although GetSure Zimbabwe initially started developing an internal solution, it was not cost-effective and did not have all the functionality required. GetSure Zimbabwe therefore contracted SilverBridge to take over the project.
“Its Web-based system needed to be supported by an innovative solution that could integrate with the existing policy administration approach. As an organisation, GetSure is focused on speed to market and required a partner that could enable it to roll out a managed services offering quickly with minimum disruption to its processes,” says Andries Burger, Portfolio Manager at Connect, a SilverBridge Holdings company.
The new solution allows for a master instance that can be replicated to different geographic locations, with minimal customisation required. Furthermore, it is scalable to any country-specific requirement and, being hosted in the cloud, becomes a powerful platform for the management of the insurance environment of GetSure.
“Even though the product development itself ran smoothly, the customer needed to move all its business into the Exergy system. The mission-critical nature of the data meant that the migration had to be completed as quickly as possible.
Given the scale of the project and the amount of policy information that had to be migrated, I am incredibly proud of both project teams and their ability to work within the tight project timelines,” says Burger.
He feels that the commitment and hard work of the SilverBridge team reflect the passion they have working closely with clients. The Silverbridge team co-located with the Getsure team for extended periods at a time during the project, enabling an environment of close communication and quick identification and resolution of project issues.
This, he says, was the key in getting the project done in such a limited time frame. It also contributed to SilverBridge becoming a trusted partner for GetSure and one that is seen to take the time to understand the business of its customers and their specific business requirements.
“The fact that the solution is hosted in the cloud means that GetSure staff can access their system from anywhere. The insurer will also save on infrastructure costs and upgrades as the solution scales according to their growth needs.
“Through the agile project implementation approach, close client collaboration, and focus on delivery timeframes, we have created a great working relationship between SilverBridge and GetSure Zimbabwe. This has been an incredibly intense and exciting project to work on and one we can look back on with great pride,” he concludes.
The partnership has grown to such an extent that SilverBridge has already received new requests from GetSure Zimbabwe on several other collaborations going forward.