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Telecoms has grown rapidly over the past few years, but this growth has also attracted fly-by-night telephone service providers. Euphoria Telecom warns against operators that are exploiting unsuspecting customers.
Consumers are also being bombarded with a myriad of telephony options, decisions are getting more and more difficult and these dubious operators are promising the world but fail to ever deliver on their promises.
Euphoria Telecom CEO George Golding says the telecom sector continues to be at the epicentre for economic growth, especially with innovation around cloud-based business models. “This fast-paced and ever-changing telecom market can leave consumers scratching their heads.”
He warns that choosing the wrong telephone service provider could be costly. “You need a reputable service provider who has a public track record of satisfied customers and one who has been operational for a long time. The risks associated with trusting your voice requirements to a fly-by-night service provider are too high.”
Golding says consumers need to consider their voice service provider carefully. “Companies must ensure their service providers are contractually committed to delivering good customer service on a consistent basis. But how does one choose a credible service provider.
“Firstly, one needs to avoid long term contracts at all costs. In an increasingly fast-paced world, businesses need to capitalise on the rapid speed of change and the many opportunities to innovate and grow,” he explains.
“You might be saving 15% now but you could actually be saving 50%. We can offer so much more business value and also transform businesses into modern businesses. Credible telecoms providers offer a range of functionality including reporting.
“Customer support is crucial to ensure a consistent high quality service. Reputable service providers that are committed to delivering superior customer service consistently, will have a good track record and will not require long term contracts. Always first check what customers say,” he concludes