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Pan-African telecommunication provider, iWayAfrica, a wholly owned division of Gondwana International Networks, has launched Jola, a much needed Pan-African Ku-Band managed retail satellite service into Sub-Saharan Africa.
Meaning ‘one who brings happiness’, Jola provides affordable satellite internet to Sub-Saharan Africa including those areas with limited connectivity options on alternative technologies. With pre-defined, branded packages available throughout its retail channel, Jola offers households and business users affordable broadband internet connectivity.
Ali Bofulo, GM of iWayAfrica, says that Africa remains in dire need of affordable broadband services: “Jola is an exciting product for both small businesses and households. The pricing is lower than any existing Ku-Band satellite services. We are offering users true flexibility to select a monthly data allowance and speed that suits their needs.”
With packages extending across all user profiles, Jola effectively addresses both business and household needs, including a business continuity service, Jola SOS, and a 1GB emergency data advance for those occasions when user’s data allowance has expired.
With over 15 years of operating its own ISPs across Africa, iWayAfrica have built on its own customer experiences so that every Jola customer enjoys a range of Jola Perks that are relevant to their needs including free night usage or double speed at night, as well as standard features of an ability to swap between same category of service plans with no penalties.
Jola is sold via Authorised Partners including all iWayAfrica and AfricaOnline networks, as well as iWayAfrica’s channel partner network with a combined reach into 44 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.