For local enterprises of all sizes, employee productivity and staff motivation are two of the biggest stumbling blocks on the path to growth and sustainability. Within the IT support environment, in particular, businesses often suffer from a lack of transparency, and fail to gain a comprehensive view of trends and challenges within their operating environment.
Having recognised this pattern, local custom software development firm redPanda Software has created innovative software that seeks to boost productivity and output by providing transparency and visibility – which is supported by objective measurements and independent data.
“This is a pioneering tool for the enterprise that has been custom designed to create transparency across a whole organisation, and even between organisations,” explains DaniĆ«l de Kock, Service Delivery Manager at redPanda Software. “It helps companies to identify critical gaps and improve processes by providing actionable information at the point of need.”
Having recently introduced the software within partner businesses and implemented the rollout of Novum internally, de Kock says that key learnings have emerged. These insights are crucial, he notes, for businesses to be able to maximise the benefits of the platform.
“Critically, all the stakeholders and various parties need to be involved in the implementation from the get go,” he explains. “Any type of change is difficult and challenging for employees and teams, so it is imperative that everyone is on the same page as early as possible.”
On this note, de Kock says that training is an essential element, with staff requiring full assistance and guidance before the system goes live. As the system is rolled out, he says that performance monitoring must be carried out, with a constant feedback loop to identify any glitches.
“From a hardware point of view, companies need to make sure they have redundancy in place to ensure continuity, and to test current DR plans frequently.”
With regards to any resistance from employees, de Kock says that it is helpful to ‘compare apples with apples’ and to clearly compare the old systems and processes to the Novum platform. In this way, employees can have a clear view of the benefits that the system offers.
“Novum essentially provides you with a heartbeat into your organisation, at any time of day,” he adds. “The trick is to make the initial introduction and rollout as smooth and as seamless as possible. With the right preparation, and with training in particular, businesses can quickly reap the benefits of this innovative tool.”