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Philips has introduced two new 4K Ultra HD monitors to the South African market: the Philips Brilliance 28-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Backlit Monitor and Philips Brilliance 43-inch 4K Ultra HD LCD. These monitors deliver four times the resolution of full HD.
Both monitors are from the acclaimed Philips Brilliance range and offer the very latest in global leading-edge display technology, delivering precise detail and clarity, and a significantly-enhanced viewing experience.
Both units come with two features exclusive to Philips: SmartResponse, an overdrive technology that when turned on automatically adjusts response times to specific application requirements, such as video games and movies that require faster response times; and SmartImage, which analyses the content displayed on screen and gives users optimized display performance.
The Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) which is also available on both units provides for a mobile audio/video interface, allowing users to directly connect mobile phones and other portable devices and watch HD videos with full digital sound.
The 4k Philips screens are also ideal as low cost monitors to view X-Rays in the Medical or veterinary field.
The Philips Brilliance 28-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Backlit Monitor delivers a new level of detail and clarity, with the UltraClear 4K display allowing users to see four times clearer than any HD technology, making colours richer and details clearer.
Additional features include a 1ms response time, SmartErgoBase for better ergonomics, low bezel-to-table height for maximum reading comfort, built-in stereo speakers for multimedia, Smart Connect with HDMI, display port, VGA and dual link DVI. USB 3.0 enables fast data transfer and smart phone charging.
The Philips Brilliance 43-inch 4K Ultra HD LCD monitor delivers exceptional detail for a big-picture monitor. Users are able to expand viewing with and expansive 43-inch class brilliant display, and its UltraClear 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution allows for maximum precision. The IPS LED wide view technology ensures extraordinary image and colour accuracy, with SmartImage pre-sets that allow users to easily optimized and select their own desired image settings.
The MultiView feature on this monitor enables users to view up to four systems (different images) on a single screen, each in full HD – so instead of buying two or more screens users can now buy one screen, and split it into two or four. This is a huge benefit for CAD designer as they can compare 4 pictures on one display.
The Philips Brilliance 43-inch 4K Ultra HD LCD monitor and 28-inch Philips Brilliance 4K Ultra HD LED Backlit Monitor are available at all leading retailers at the recommend retail price of R9 750 for the 28-inch and R11 780 for the 43-inch.