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Datacentrix has achieved gold level partnership status with Huawei Enterprise, allowing the organisation to provide Huawei’s portfolio of cloud computing, enterprise networking, datacentre, collaboration and enterprise LTE solutions to local clients.
Says Brian Lendrum, Huawei business unit manager at Datacentrix: “Achieving gold partner standing with a leading global ICT player like Huawei is key to Datacentrix’ strategy of providing local companies with superior end-to-end solutions that assist them in deriving business value from their ICT investment.
“Huawei is known worldwide as being an organisation that develops innovations jointly with partners in order to address customers’ challenges and strategic requirements, and the demand for the solutions locally is massive.”
Aside from realising gold partner position, Datacentrix also attained Certified Service Partner standing as well as a specialisation in Network Energy, covering the full range of Huawei’s reliable, efficient, and intelligent network energy solutions.
“While we are pleased with our achievements at this stage, Datacentrix plans to become a Huawei Value-Added Partner (VAP) over the long term, allowing us to focus on the integration of specific solutions and highlighting our status as an industry expert,” Lendrum explains.
“Huawei is proud of our partnership with Datacentrix and is delighted with its latest milestones. Huawei is resolute in our commitment to creating a robust partner ecosystem in South Africa to support long-term growth for our customers. We look forward to furthering our collaboration with industry leaders such as Datacentrix,” says Daniel Liu, channel sales director of Huawei Enterprise South Africa.