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Legwear Safari – an online retailer that specialises in women’s legwear – has noted an immediate decrease in abandoned shopping carts on its site following its decision to use Sage Pay as its payment solution.
The solution has benefitted the company by making it faster and simpler for customers to pay for their hosiery, tights, stockings, and accessories.
Tracy Kruger founded the company with her husband Marius in 2012 because she was frustrated at not being able to find any legwear that suited her personality or her mood. One of her major aims over the years has been to make it as simple and secure for customers to shop and pay so that they will have the confidence to buy online.
Kruger chose Sage Pay as Legwear Safari’s payments gateway after extensive market research. Sage Pay accepts VISA and MasterCard card payments as well as instant EFT and Mastercard’s Masterpass digital wallet on Legwear’s behalf.
All card payments are 3D Secure for customers’ protection and peace of mind. “Sage Pay is easy for us to use, and it’s also easy for our customers,” says Kruger. “It gives customers peace of mind and also enables us to quickly detect and prevent fraudulent activity.”
Legwear Safari previously used another payment gateway however, customers complained that it was complicated to check out and pay. The result was the unnecessary loss of sales as some customers abandoned their carts near the end of the transaction. What’s more, many customers were reluctant to shop online because of their fears about the complexity of paying.
“Anyone who can use Facebook can use the Sage Pay payments process,” says Kruger. Legwear found the process of moving over to Sage Pay to be simple and quick – it took just 24 hours to go live. What’s more, Kruger now has access to all payments information in one place. Another benefit, says Kruger, is that Sage Pay’s monthly fees and transactional costs are transparent and affordable with no capital outlays necessary. “Sage Pay is easy to use even if you are not tech savvy and it will grow with your business,” says Kruger. “Plus, the service is exceptional with access to a dedicated account manager.”
“As the global market leader of integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems, we have become an indispensable business partner to companies like Legwear Safari,” says Charles Pittway, MD at Sage Pay. “It is our pleasure to work with business builders like Tracy Kruger as they pursue their dreams.”