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Cape Town-based IT services firm CyberLogic is set to refresh its brand, expand its footprint and take new services to market in 2017, following its successful acquisition of Stellenbosch-based IT services firm Space Age Technologies last year.

CyberLogic’s acquisition of Space Age Technologies in 2015 united the two leading SME-focussed IT services firms in the Western Cape, to create a new IT powerhouse for small and mid-market clients. The move positioned the group to meet growing demand for managed services from a rapidly-expanding Western Cape business sector.

Until now, the group has focussed on standardising processes and services offerings across the two companies, as CyberLogic founder and chief executive Edge Bisset explains: “Prior to the acquisition of Space Age Technologies we saw them as our primary competitor in the local market. They pioneered the managed services industry in South Africa and were ahead of their time in many respects. The acquisition gave us the opportunity to peek under the hood of a world-class managed services operation and to learn from their 20-plus years of experience.”

“Of course, with any acquisition one hopes to unlock synergies but we were blown away by how well the strengths of the two companies dovetailed. The deep skills of the Space Age team, their robust processes and of course their technology stack were outstanding and naturally, we wanted to preserve as much of that IP as possible and to improve upon both operations. Over the last year we have been comparing the two companies and standardising on the best aspects of each. The results have been outstanding and we are extremely excited to bring the benefits of the combined group to our client base.”

The group is now preparing to bring Space Age Technologies under the CyberLogic brand, giving clients a uniform service experience, along with access to a broader skills base and enhanced service portfolio. Space Age Technologies will officially adopt the CyberLogic brand name from the 1st of January 2017, with the CyberLogic brand undergoing a refresh at the same time.

CyberLogic also plans to launch service innovations, particularly in the cloud space, during the course of the year. “The combination of cloud and managed services presents powerful opportunities for companies to become more agile, to address new markets and to improve their efficiencies, all while managing their technology spend.

“Many of our clients have already enjoyed these benefits over the last few years and this is the way we see the market moving in future. Over the coming year we will leverage our core competencies around managed services and cloud to make advanced new services available to our clients,” Bisset says.

While the company already supports major clients with multi-site environments across South Arica and the world from its base in the Western Cape, CyberLogic aims to expand its on-the-ground representation to Gauteng, to enhance service delivery. “This is in line with our key focus on excellence in service delivery and customer experience,” he says.