Jasco has announced the availability of the latest update to the DataVoice Libra Voice Recorder solution, Libra V10.0, which offers users a host of new, enhanced and improved functionality to maximise the solution’s overall efficiency and performance.
The DataVoice Libra Voice Recorder solution is a full-featured enterprise-class voice recording, storage and retrieval solution that scales seamlessly for any size of business, from the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) to large corporates.
Libra V10.0 offers users new LDAP (active directory) authentication, improved security features to support the latest cryptographic industry standards, compatibility with the latest Windows and SQL versions, an updated and enhanced WebRecall interface and other general improvements.
“The latest update will add tremendously to the entire user experience of our DataVoice offering, ensuring it keeps pace with technological and market advancements while paving the way for cloud and mobility platforms going forward,” says Cedric Boltman, Channel Executive at Jasco Enterprise.
The new update features LDAP authentication which allows authentication of user logins via LDAP, for example, against Microsoft Active Directory, enabling unified password management and policies. LDAP authentication can be configured per user, making it easier to manage credentials, and freeing up time wasted in resetting lost login details.
The WebRecall interface has been updated with a new look and feel implemented in HTML 5, and is now compatible with the Chrome browser for Windows PCs. Users are now able to access visual interpretations of audio activity and can include any metadata in e-mails regarding a recording. Along with a more modern web application experience customers now have the ability to easily identify areas of interest in any recording as well as provide context when sending e-mail regarding recordings.
DataVoice Libra Voice Recorder now supports Microsoft Windows 10, as well as SQL Server 2014, enabling compatibility with the latest Microsoft desktop operating system and RDMS offering, and providing cost-effective assembly of entry-level recorders.
“The updated security features include support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2, aside from increased encryption key size (2048 bits) and the removal of unsafe ciphers.
The new update features other enhancements as well, such as smarter SIP trunk recording without CTI integration, Genesys voice recording enhancements, and more. Upgrades to the Libra V10.0 is now available at no charge to customers who have existing maintenance plans and software Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on their current Libra solution. An upgrade fee will only apply for Libra users who have no maintenance plan or SLA.
“Our already feature-rich voice recording system now has additional functionality which will serve to make our customers’ processes easier and provide added peace of mind in terms of security concerns,” Boltman concludes.