EOH Holdings has committed to grow its footprint in international e-government services and has made a number of moves in this respect.
According to a SENS announcement from the company, it has acquired 50% interests in a number of companies to facilitate this expansion.
ASSET is a company based in Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia, employing 400 people. It provides municipalities and national government departments with e-government solutions for customer and citizen management solutions on mobile devices and the web.
aSAY Group, based in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, employs 220 people and provides smart energy, water and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to large metros. Its solutions also include traffic management, data communication management and smart grid technology solutions.
Metro CIS – with a strong presence in Dubai and servicing their region, employing 60 people, provides solutions and IP products to utility companies and municipalities for grid management, authenticity management and billing solutions.
Virtuoso Consulting is based in UAE and Bahrain, employing 80 people, assists large energy utilities in the Middle East to modernise and implement world class best practice in utilities management.
Some of EOH’s major e-government engagements include:
* The City of Johannesburg recently awarded EOH a large scale system and process re-engineering contract to enhance their customer relationship, revenue and property management systems. This programme will be a world-first in modernising the city and its interaction with its citizens.
* EOH recently assisted the City of Cape Town to implement the technology and control room for its emergency management system. This solution is used for their real-time dispatching and control of emergency services and has won global recognition for innovation and quality.
EOH e-government solutions are being used by the governments of South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Namibia, Mauritius, UAE, Turkey, Ghana and Tanzania.
The pipeline for the company’s solutions includes large scale opportunities in East and West Africa, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Indonesia.