National Internet and telephony service provider BitCo has launched its Maximise Channel Partner Programme.
The programme has been developed to enable any level of the ICT channel to maximise their business by leveraging off BitCo’s carrier grade fibre and wireless network by expanding their product offering without increasing their overheads.
IT and telephony resellers, PBX vendors, network suppliers and Internet service providers are among the companies that stand to benefit from being able to offer their clients a carrier grade last mile connection that promotes a 99% operational uptime.
There are three ways to participate in BitCo’s Maximise Channel Partner Programme. Companies can sign up as a wholesaler, a reseller or an agent.
Wholesalers would act as an intermediary between BitCo and end users or use BitCo’s network to complement their own existing network. Wholesale services would particularly relate to BitCo’s last mile network being fibre or microwave using Layer 2 or Layer 3 services, voice termination and wholesale IP transit with BGP peering.
Resellers can incorporate carrier grade voice termination and BitCo’s premium Internet access to their product suite while retaining their client base. BitCo provides marketing benefits to drive sales faster with higher customer satisfaction.
Agents receive the pre- and post-sales support required to operate a successful telecoms business, letting them offer reliable solutions without detracting from their core areas of operation.
All Maximise Channel Partners receive comprehensive sales support, a dedicated liaison and regular training on BitCo’s products and services. Qualifying partners will receive marketing assistance and marketing funds which are available to assist in subsidising costs for marketing activities.