AMD has announced more than a decade of developing scalable, high-performance, low-power embedded processors for the global casino gaming industry, including major players such as International Game Technology (IGT), Scientific Games (SG), Unidesa and Quixant, among others.
The company’s accelerated processing units (APUs), systems-on-a-chip (SOCs) and discrete graphics processing units (GPUs) enable various display configurations for an increasingly immersive end user experience.
Casino gaming has evolved from low-definition, 2D systems to a fully interactive experience with multiple touchscreen 4K displays and striking 3D graphics across everything from large cabinet games to compact units found in bars and transportation terminals. The performance that users have become accustomed to in a video gaming environment is now a requirement for casino gaming in order to keep players engaged.
Additionally, there is an advent of skill-based gambling games, such as first-person shooter games, where players can bet on how quickly they will reach a specific target, drawing inspiration from the style of play found in video games. By applying its expertise in next-generation graphics and compute processing capabilities from a long history in the video gaming market, AMD delivers casino gaming customers a scalable, single-platform solution that can be easily integrated into entry level to high-end systems for a fast time-to-market and enhanced end user experience.
“The casino gaming market is continuing to shift towards a richer multimedia experience that keeps players engaged longer and helps to increase revenue opportunities, driving the need for high-resolution, 4K displays and significant processing power on the back end,” said Colin Cureton, director of marketing and product management, AMD Enterprise Solutions. “AMD provides exceptional compute processing and graphics capabilities, including the industry’s first discrete GPUs leveraging the Polaris architecture, to deliver optimal performance and an immersive player experience.”
“AMD’s graphics technology easily meets the need to run 24/7 in the highest end casinos around the world,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, president, Jon Peddie Research. “The company’s graphics enable both 4K and multiple display experiences for the world’s biggest slot machine makers. With established relationships among all major players, AMD’s opportunities in the casino gaming market will continue to increase with the introduction of the company’s Zen x86 CPU architecture.”