Kathy Gibson reports from Samsung Africa Forum in Cape Town – Samsung is re-inventing itself in Africa, embarking on what it calls the new leg of its journey.
YY Kim, president and CEO of Samsung Africa, says the company is shifting to a new paradigm, where it will collaborate to make the Samsung brand more respected on the continent.
“To do this, I am holding out my hand to all of you,” he told delegates to Samsung Africa Forum. “All you need to do is reach out and grab it. We will listen to what you say, to learn about what it means to be part of Africa.
“And we will help you in the best way we can, no matter how difficult it might be.”
Samsung Africa is taking the pride of lions as its motivation. “We talk about a herd of zebra and a school of fish – but a pride of lions,” says Kim. “This is because the lion is special, it is strong and protective.
“We are the pride, working to protect each other, to feed each other, and to care for each other.
“In this way we can grow together and succeed together.”
Hlubi Shivanda, director: business innovation at Samsung Africa, points out that we are living in a time of global uncertainty, with the world ni flux and users keen to find value for their money.
“Our survival is dependent on unity,” he says. “We need to ask what do I have that can make your world easier. And in return what can you do for me?
“We are all in this together.”
He says Samsung Africa will build its new-look organisation on its solid foundation, with an emphasis on partnering and collaboration.
“Samsung has always had a policy of not dictating but listening to the community. But we know we can do more. We are not only passionate about our products, but about improving the lives of people on the continent.
“I invite you all to talk, to share, to listen. Together we are a pride of lions.”