Sithabile Technology Services (STS), a South African data management solutions business, has adopted Cloudian HyperStore to support its backup, recovery and archiving services.
Sithabile required a flexible solution to store multi-petabyte levels of unstructured data, with full public cloud compatibility and easy management for long-term data retention.
Businesses in South Africa are keen to take advantage of cloud services, but with tight data sovereignty laws many organisations have petabytes of data that cannot leave the country. With Cloudian, Sithabile customers can now securely utilise public cloud offerings for specific data types, while using its locally based services for data that must remain in South Africa – all through a single, simple interface.
“Cloudian provides us with the S3 compatibility, features and performance our customers demand,” says Richard Tatham, Sitahbile’s GM: cloud services.
Jon Toor, chief marketing officer at Cloudian, explains: “More and more service providers count on Cloudian for their data storage services. Only Cloudian offers the full suite of features service providers need, including billing, quality of service controls, and multi-tenancy. Furthermore, only Cloudian offers an S3 compatibility guarantee, which gives them confidence that Cloudian will always work with their customer’s applications.”
Sithabile currently owns one data centre in Johannesburg and, following increased customer demand, is planning to open a second in Cape Town in 2017 where Cloudian HyperStore will also be deployed.