Axiz Advanced Technologies is investing in its VMware business unit, adding staff and resources to ensure it continues to add value to the software giant’s expanded portfolio.
business unit manager Willie Jansen van Rensburg explains that VMware is leading a number of changes and innovations, expanding its product set and reach to the end user.
“As a distributor we are re-aligning ourselves with the way we work with VMware, and moving up to the next level to offer the best resources to our channel partners.
“We are already the leading distributor for VMware for the territory,” he adds. “And we are changing as VMware itself is changing.”
Apart from himself, the expanded VMware business unit also includes Jarred Somiah as VMware product manager; Victor Rangata as VMware business development manager for South Africa and Africa; Cheslynne Britz as manager for vCAN as well as business development manager for vSAN, NSX, vRealize and the end user computing solutions including Airwatch; Shimei Jansen van Rensburg, internal VMware product manager and product support; and Themba Bhengu, VMware technical product manager and systems engineer.
VMware has moved well beyond being a server virtualisation supplier, Jansen van Rensburg points out, and now supplies solutions that reach into every area of the IT infrastructure and all the way to the end user device and application.
“As the leading VMware distributor in the territory, we are serious about stepping up the plate, to take VMware’s software-defined data centre (SDDC) to the market.
“With the move to SDDC, which involves technologies like NSX and vSAN, as well as the new focus on cross-cloud computing, there is a lot happening at VMware.
“So we need to add value to the partners, to enable them to take the experience and expertise that we offer to the market.”
The investment in VMware fits into Axiz Advanced Technologies’ value-added distribution strategy, Jansen van Rensburg says. “We don’t consider ourselves just a product distributor, but have always added technical skills and worked with partners to help them add value to what they sell.
“We will sit behind the partner, providing support and assistance to help them succeed. Our partners can feel secure in the knowledge that their distributor understands what they are doing and is able to provide technical support, training, and knowledge.”