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Emerson Network Power rebrands as Vertiv


Vertiv, the business formerly known as Emerson Network Power, has officially launched under its new branding in South Africa.
Vertiv is a global provider of mission-critical infrastructure technologies for vital applications in data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial environments.
The company, which is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (USA), has more than 20 000 employees and 28 manufacturing and assembly facilities worldwide. Vertiv will continue to build on the broad portfolio of product and service offerings for power, thermal and IT management capabilities it previously offered as Emerson Network Power, including its flagship brands ASCO, Chloride, Liebert, NetSure and Trellis. Backed by over 255 service centers worldwide, with over 3 000 service field engineers and more than 400 technical support/response people, Vertiv is able to support customers wherever they are across the globe.
Giordano Albertazzi, president of Vertiv in EMEA, says: “As a new, standalone company, Vertiv has the opportunity to develop the business quicker and to make strategic decisions which are focused purely on the industry we operate in. The Middle East and Africa region will continue to be a key market for us as it matures towards advanced deployments.”
“We have been in South Africa for many years and as Vertiv we will continue to support the country’s evolving needs in IT and digital infrastructure” adds Pierre Havenga, MD of Vertiv in Middle East and Africa. “We thrive towards ensuring our technologies fulfill our local customer requirements to optimize their operations with the highest levels of availability and reliability in all market segments, from the public sector to healthcare to finance. At the same time, we are looking at reinforcing our partnerships and growing the local network of technology distributors and resellers.
“South Africa is a key country for Vertiv as it serves as the hub through which products, pre-sales and after sales services flow for the entire sub-Sahara Africa region, and through which all South and East Africa transactions are processed, including the South African Development Community (SADC) for a total of 25 countries,” Havenga adds.