Kathy Gibson reports from Dell EMC Forum in Sandton – Transformation is the word on everyone’s lips – but there are as many definitions for transformation as there are companies.
Stewart van Graan, vice-president at Dell EMC, offers the dictionary definition of “a thorough or dramatic change in views, form, nature or appearance”. The business definition is the “process of profound and radical change that orients an organisation in a new direction and takes it an entirely different level of effectiveness”.
“In the almost four decades that I have been I this industry, I cannot recall a time when technology has been more important,” Van Graan says. “Technology is at the heart of everything.”
Many business leaders have formed their own view of digital transformation as they move forward on their digital journey, he says.
However, the way we look at technology needs to change too. For instance, a server is not just a set of specifications, but the tool that can enable digital transformation.
“If you look at things wrong, you may end up stuck with something that will make you obsolete in the future.”