Consol Glass has renewed its IT and cloud services contracts with T-Systems.
T-Systems recently launched its Un-Outsource contract, a contract which effectively gives customers the freedom to leave at any time should they encounter a “severity 1” outage, or network failure. Consol Glass, who currently outsources their entire IT function, from service desk to hosting to integration, has elected to renew their contract, signing up for another five years on the new contract and reaping all the benefits which this offers.
Gina Latilla, head of service management at T-Systems, says: “Consol Glass has been a happy customer of T-Systems for more than 12 years, a testimony to the quality of our solutions and services, and was one of the first customers to migrate to Cloud when we introduced our cloud platform. As part of our Un-Outsourcer contract, we will also move Consol’s business warehouse onto our SAP HANA appliance, which is offered as a Software-as-a-Service, meaning that Consol will receive much more value at no additional cost.”
According to Latilla, the Un-Outsource contract will not only provide the additional service capability of using the SAP HANA platform, but will also ensure that Consol Glass, although a satisfied customer who has experienced almost negligible downtime over the past five years, has the power to withdraw from their contract should they experience a severe outage which they feel warrants a change of service provider.
“What’s more, we are so confident in our service offering and cloud platforms that we also agree to fund the removal of any dissatisfied customer who elects to withdraw from the contract from our environment – a service which is usually a costly part of migrating to a new service provider. We call this – ‘quit on incident’ and ‘run on satisfaction.”
“T-Systems knows our business best,” says Johan du Plessis, senior executive: information systems and technology at Consol Glass. “However outsource contracts can be notoriously restrictive, no matter who you have them with. Although we have a long standing, beneficial and rewarding relationship with T-Systems, knowing we aren’t bound by heavy penalties should we feel unhappy enough to cancel is an incredibly freeing – and confidence generating – feeling.”
Du Plessis adds that T-Systems have been instrumental in the success of their IT function, saying, “We are experts at Glass, and T-Systems are the experts in IT services. They have substantial expertise locally as well as internationally and are putting their money where their mouth is, highlighting with Un-Outsource that customer satisfaction and superior service delivery is, always, top of mind for them. It’s all about the quality and this is what T-Systems delivers on.”
Latilla says: “We are always striving to improve our services and our platforms to stay on top of our game, while reducing the costs of these wherever possible to maximise value for our customers. We hope to continue to build on our already successful relationship with Consol Glass, offering them better value and service, year on year, for years to come.”