Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters is taking legal counsel to compel Tasima to comply with the Constitutional Court decision handed down on 9 November 2016, which found that the extension to the contract to Tasima was granted in contravention of the Constitution, the Public Finance Management Act and Treasury Regulations.
The court granted the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) leave to terminate the illegal and irregular extension of the contract and Tasima was ordered to hand over the running of the eNaTis and associated services to the RTMC within 30 days of the court decision.
The court decision also granted the Department of Transport leave to approach the court should Tasima commit any act intended to deliberately delay or frustrate the transfer process.
Peters says the RTMC has been ready to administer ENATIS since May 3rd 2015. However, its state of readiness has been delayed and denied by Tasima, which has refused to vacate the eNatis offices.