Modern video-based telematics will not only ensure reduced time to settle insurance claims, but fleet owners can now increase driver productivity, reduce fuel theft and increase load frequency with faster turnaround times.
A study by the US Department of Transport shows that video telematics can save fleet owners up to 20% on fuel consumption, tyres, brakes and general maintenance. These hi-tech systems also help improve driver skills, resulting in increased driver safety and productivity.
iCAM Video Telematics managing director Gary Wels says driver coaching can now be done by factual video evidence. “Not only does this ensure safer and more responsible driving, but it can also prove the innocence of drivers and reduce third party insurance claims.
“By mitigating risks, fleet owners can ensure better incident management, reduce vehicle downtime and improve productivity. More importantly, factual visual evidence of an event means reduced theft and pilferage, reduced time to settle insurance claims and a decrease in accident claims,” he explains.
iCAM Video Telematics offers a 4-camera Vehicle Video System that allows fleet owners to stream live video from a moving vehicle via a cellular signal. This enhancement provides various viewing options for customers including event-based footage and historical footage.
The iCAM 852 is a locally produced video streaming and fleet management product, designed for safety and driving analysis through video technology. It was designed from the ground up, with scalability in mind in order to support any sized fleet.
Wels says fleet owners can now manage vehicles and administer the entire system over the air via a web-based secure login. “The solution includes video embedded with mapping location, speed, date, time, and back-end systems.”
Video recording on all events or triggered incidents such as speeding, no-go zones, panic button, tampering and accelerometer are tracked and uploaded to the secure server for investigation and viewing. Other triggers could include cabin doors, driver fatigue system, fuel probes and battery disconnection.
The iCAM 852 offers peace of mind and provides factual evidence. It has real-time live capability on 3G streaming, the GPS accuracy and tracking data together with G Force measurement provides highly reliable impact speeds and force – to prevent any challenges to the validity of data.
Fleet owners can choose to receive immediate email alerts upon exceptions or triggers and one has direct contact with the driver via auto answer mic and speaker. The solution includes detailed reporting, a huge benefit for fleet owners, drivers, customers and insurance partners.
iCAM Video Telematics also offers managed services via its call centre. Recovery services include panic alerts for hijacking or any other emergency or a vehicle battery disconnect. The call centre will contact the primary contact to get instruction on what actions to perform.
The call centre can also perform event and video monitoring where customers nominate video events to be monitored such as speeding, passenger door, no-go zone and also provides instruction for each event.
“We also offer a managed incident solution that includes recovery, video and event monitoring and full incident management. Customer sets rules in line with insurance and business policies and our call centre actions these rules. Rules can be set per incident type or standardised across incident types,” he says.
“Standard cost for the service with additional services charged by service providers such as armed protection, hazmat clean-up or vehicle storage. An audit trail is also available on all actions performed by our call centre including date and time stamp,” he concludes.