Apple has poured cold water on claims that up to 300-million iCloud accounts have been compromised.
This follows reports that a group calling itself the Turkish Crime Family had gained information on 300-million Apple iCloud users.
The group apparently demanded a ransom payout to prevent it from wiping up to 200-million users’ iPhones.
Apple issued a statement to Fortune saying that there have not been any breaches in any of its systems, either iCloud or Apple ID.
It would appear, according to the company, that the list of email addresses and passwords was obtained from other third-party services that have been breached in the past.
These would include last year’s Yahoo hack, where millions of users’ details were compromised.
People who use the same user name password on various sites are advised to change them, using different passwords for different services.
The hacking group was believed to be demanding a ransom of $75 000.00 in bitcoin or Ethereum, or $100 000.00 in iTunes vouchers to stop it from factory resetting iPhones around the world on 7 April.