Toshiba has announced a renewed strategy for South Africa, with a focus on developing business to business PC devices and solutions for the local market.
The company will concentrate its efforts on the government, higher education and wider public sector in South Africa.
“With over 30 years heritage in the business device market, solving business challenges and driving efficiencies is in our DNA. We have been present in the South African market for several years providing advanced technological solutions through our PC offerings,” says Ronald Ravel, director: B2B at Toshiba South Africa.
“Our renewed focus is to grow our presence in South Africa substantially, ensure we are seen as a leading B2B PC business and put ourselves in the best possible position to thrive in a competitive sector. Our strong in-country partnership play a vital role in ensuring the end-user has access to our product solutions.”
For example, mobility within the workplace has become an undeniable phenomenon and the Toshiba Mobile Zero Client solution enables employees the flexibility to operate at full capacity from their desired destination where they will be most productive without compromising the security of the company network and data.
“This solution will help to overcome the desk-based nature of more traditional zero clients in this age of mobile working. With a growing demand for zero clients, enhancing the mobile functionality of such solutions is the next significant innovation and promises to truly bring businesses into an era of fluid, flexible and secure working in any location,” adds Ravel.
Toshiba has adopted a more focused B2B distribution strategy with Mustek, one of the largest assemblers and distributors of personal computers and complementary ICT products in South Africa.
“We believe the investments we are making across EMEA are creating strong conditions for growing our PC business in our core regions and sectors,” says Ravel. “We’re confident in the strength of our renewed strategy and are aiming for continued growth across South Africa.”
“We’re honoured to be part of Toshiba’s renewed B2B strategy, a brand that is very well-known and respected in South Africa,” adds Kirk Toweel, Toshiba product manager at Mustek.