HP South Africa has launched the Z2 Mini Workstation, created for the design community.
The HP Z2 Mini Workstation is three times more powerful than a business-class PC mini, the height of an espresso cup and the epitome of elegance. This device has a recommended retail price from R16 599 excuding VAT.
“Style over substance is detested, substance over style is scorned upon. However, like many other industries, designers can fall into the trap of using sub-standard technology,” says Fulvio Donà, value computing area country manager for HP Africa.
Some of the key features of the HP Z2 Mini Workstation include:
* The device is obsessed with airflow and is innovated within size constraints;
* 3.3 X graphics performance of a business-class mini;
* 10 X smaller than HP’s most powerful business-class desktop PC;
* 368 hours of reliability testing;
* Connect to up to six displays out of the box; and
* Innovative design with no compromise on performance.
Donà says that sometimes, it’s easier to stick with what you know than branch out and experiment with something new. In part, this could be the reason why some 2,9-million CAD users are still not using workstations – turbo-charged, professional grade computers, with rapid microprocessors, large amounts of RAM and special features, such as professional graphics.
In the absence of workstations, designers could be competing with productivity bottlenecks, frustrating flexibility issues and challenges producing anything beyond 2D design. They may have hit the wall, inspiration-wise, no thanks to limited desk space, outdated technology and the sort of background noise that distracts rather than aids concentration.
HP’s latest incarnation, the Z2 Mini, pushes the boundaries at a mere 5,8cm tall, meaning professionals can fully immerse themselves in their creations, without cluttering their workspace and becoming overrun by cables and large, unpleasant black boxes.
“Small is desirable but it shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality. By refusing to compromise on performance, we packed a wagon load of functionality into a sleek, silver grey octagonal powerhouse. We also added a discrete graphics card for blistering 3D design with the Performance model version, whisper-quiet acoustics and enough ports to support 4-6 displays,” says Donà.
“We similarly packed the Z2 Mini with cutting-edge cooling solutions, enabling us to cool an immense amount power in an unprecedentedly small space, including custom piping (ordinarily the preserve of ultrabook’s), a calibre of fans normally used in desktop tower PCs and discrete venting.”