The launch of Intel Optane memory will allow PCs to deliver significantly more performance and faster load times across a broad range of personal computing experiences.
“It will enable new levels of PC responsiveness for everything from compute-intensive engineering applications to high-end gaming, digital content creation, web browsing and even everyday office productivity applications,” writes Intel’s Navin Shenoy in a corporate blog post.
“To put this in perspective, on a given day, most people launch 11 apps, and then launch each app seven times.1 With the increased speed and responsiveness of Intel Optane memory in a 7th Gen Intel Core processor-based system, you can power on your computer up to twice as fast and improve overall system performance up to 28% faster with storage performance up to 14x faster.
“Applications like Microsoft Outlook will launch up to nearly six times faster, the Chrome browser launches up to five times faster, games launch up to 67% faster, and levels load up to 65% faster.”
Intel recently ntroduced the Intel Optane memory module for desktops. Intel Optane memory and 7th Gen Intel Core processors deliver twice- as-fast faster boot time, 28% faster system performance and 65% faster game level loads.
Intel Optane memory is a member of the new family of Intel Optane technologies built with Intel’s advanced system memory controller, interface hardware and software IP. There are more than 130 Intel Optane memory ready motherboards available from manufacturers including Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock and others.
Later this year, PC manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and others will begin shipping both consumer and commercial products equipped with Intel Optane memory.