Cumulative global sales of Epson’s high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers have reached 20-million units, according to the company.
The high-capacity ink tank printers were first launched in October 2010 in Indonesia. Since then, the printers have continued to be introduced in about 150 countries and regions. Sales have grown steadily in every region where these printers are sold. In June 2016, cumulative sales reached 15-million globally, with growth especially pronounced in emerging markets.
Epson forecasts 25% year-on-year unit sales growth for these printers in the fiscal year ended March 2017, and that these products will account for approximately 40% of Epson inkjet printers sold in the same period.
The company believes that the strong support from customers is the result of the merits of the series, including the elimination of the need to change ink cartridges, lower printing costs, and a smaller volume of resource waste from the use of consumables.
Epson has promoted its high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers to customers of many types, in particular highlighting its credentials as a supplier of office products, along with the value customers can enjoy through a full product lineup. It will continue to emphasise the advantages its technical expertise and strong products offer as we work to further expand our business.
“High-capacity ink tank inkjet printers offer customers the ability to print without worry about the cost or running out of ink,” says Timothy Thomas, consumer sales manager at Epson South Africa. “Epson’s unique Micro Piezo inkjet technology achieves stable, high-level printing performance.
“Customers appreciate the environmental performance, too: with no ink cartridges to change, the series generates little waste. These factors have helped Epson’s high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers reach a cumulative 20 million units sold globally. As a leading inkjet printer company, Epson will continue to offer unique value and solutions to delight our customers.”