As part of its all-flash storage portfolio, Huawei unveiled its new-gen entry-level storage systems, the OceanStor 2000 V3 series, at the Huawei South Africa Eco-Connect Conference in Sandton yesterday.
The new series is built to support rapid business growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and can be widely applied in industries such as government, health care, education, telecommunications, energy and manufacturing. The future-oriented design supports anytime, anywhere management and gateway-free consolidation of third-party devices.
It features the easy-to-use SmartConfig system for easier and more efficient storage resource allocation, allowing it to streamline and simplify data management throughout its lifecycle. These unique innovations enable SMEs to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 40% and improve their operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency by up to 50%.
With the ability to identify and prioritise critical business, its flash-oriented deep-dive optimisation improves system performance by up to nine-fold. To date, Huawei’s OceanStor 2000 V3 series are the only entry-level storage systems supporting active-active protection at the array level, enabling higher levels of data protection for SMEs.
The OceanStor 2000 series consist of two models: the OceanStor 2200 V3 and 2600 V3, which are tailored for SMEs as well as remote offices and branch offices (ROBOs) of large enterprises.
Facing the explosive growth in data, SMEs often seek better IT solutions to advance their business on a sustainable track while cutting TCO. With tight budgets and a shortage of specialised IT maintenance teams, SMEs face many challenges in managing complex IT systems. Varied service applications brings with it a wide range of IT brands, which may result in information silos and thus create obstacles for unified management and data sharing. As their business expands, SMEs are confronted with issues of how to maintain continuous quality and reliability for critical services.
The Huawei OceanStor 2000 V3 series tackle this bottleneck by bringing data management into an era of simplicity, intelligence, efficiency and convergence.
With Huawei’s unique tools, the series can be configured in three easy steps, it takes up to only one minute for setup. The management system enables customers to manage devices from multiple vendors uniformly. At the same time, it can perform batch deployment, capacity forecasting, and performance analysis in a centralised manner.
“The advantages of the convergence features within the OceanStor 2000 V3 series have been widely proven by Huawei enterprise storage systems deployed in various industries,” says Jonas Arndt, senior cloud solution architect of the Huawei Global Solution Elite Team.
“Additionally, the Huawei OceanStor 2000 V3 series provide flexible scale-out and scale-up capabilities, enabling SMEs to embrace fast growing business. By simplifying configuration, reducing manual operations, and offering smart functions, Huawei’s new storage systems make upper-layer business deployment more flexible and O&M simpler. They are bound to be the best fit storage for SMEs,” he says.