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SAA Voyager members in phishing scam


SAA Voyager member beware: there appears to be a phishing scam currently targeting SAA travellers, including Voyager members.
The scammers are advising clients that there is a billing issue with their “FlySAA accounts” and their accounts has been suspended. In this way, they get hold of credit card details and personal information.
According to SAA, the scam involves e-mails from the email address “support@flysaa.ga” with the subject given as: “Immediate action required: Your FLYSAA account is being suspended” and threatening customers that their account will be deleted if they do not fill in the “Account Verification Form”.
Unsuspecting customers are instructed to follow a link that leads to capturing personal and credit card information.
SAA is advising Voyager members that these mails are not from South African Airways (SAA), Voyager, or the Customer Service department.
It recommends that customers delete these e-mails immediately, and do not click on the link as this could compromised their banking details, including a PIN and credit card CVV number may be compromised.