The local availability of Yealink’s T5 Smart Media IP Phone Series, released by Platinum distributer Nology, enhances telephonic communications in the workplace. The new T5 series includes the T56A, T58A and T58V.
Alex Bantjes, product manager at Nology, says: “With the rapid adoption of high speed Internet access and the constant push for a unified collaboration and communication experience, more organisations are looking to better utilise the tools at their disposal. They require devices not only to be smart, but also add value to their business.
By using products such as Yealink’s T58A/V with Android, businesses can further leverage their PBX’s features by enabling smart applications such as 3CX’s Web Meeting, for example, to enable video and audio conferencing from a desktop IP phone.”
The Yealink T5 Smart Media Phone series provides an all-in-one solution for businesses of all sizes. The series features a unique design, high-definition audio and video and an Android operating system, which allows for the option of third-party app installation, thus providing the ability for greater individual customisation and convenience.
“In an ever-expanding global world, where individuals within the same company are increasingly required to be in contact with fellow employees in different buildings, cities and even countries, the need for an easy yet effective communications process is becoming more important than ever.” Bantjes adds.
The Yealink T5 Smart Media Phone series offers instant one-touch access to screen info, with the T58A and T58V models both featuring an adjustable screen and camera that accommodate the user’s preference for a desired angle and height. In addition, thanks to enhanced HD Voice, Opus codec support and the latest in sound-processing technology, the phones provide users with clear and immersive conversations.
Bantjes clarifies: “These features all work to make intra-business communications both exceptionally functional as well as more personal. In addition, the Android operating system further empowers employees. Yealink’s T5 range defines the cutting edge of enterprise grade VoIP solutions and provides a supremely elegant user experience, while adding more value to your desktop IP phone than ever before.”
The T5 Smart Media Phone series helps to further improve productivity and reduce IT administrator workloads thanks to a wide range of extra features, including up to 16 SIP accounts, dual port GigE, built-in Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, USB headset and colour-screen expansion support.