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Konnect Africa aims to reshape satellite broadband space


With new-generation services starting today in Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda, Konnect Africa confirming its bold ambitions for sub-Saharan Africa.
The company’s service offerings and products, including packaged offers inspired by ‘pay as you go’ models and WiFi hotspots schemes, have already convinced a number of local operators, telecom companies and resellers.
Konnect Africa’s first partners include a wide range of operators:
* AfrikaNet GoSat, already active in the broadband-based internet telephone, VOIP options and provision of customer support and services in the satellite telecommunications industry in Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire;
* Bentley Walker, known notably for designing efficient solutions for government and military customers with a Pan-African footprint;
* Bloosat, a leader in satellite services in Cameroon and Central Africa;
* China Telecom (Africa and Middle East), that is establishing communications link between the African continent and the Asia-Pacific region;
* Coollink, a leading player in Nigeria with a broad portfolio of services addressing enterprise and consumer needs;
* Global Broadband Solution, a leader in internet and data solutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo;
* Ubora Systems, that focuses on IT solutions for government and administrations and business automation in Kenya;
* Terrace Projects, a managed satellite service solution provider in South Africa.