Integrated ICT and telecommunications company Vox has launched IT in a Box, comprising workstation maintenance and support services specifically designed for SMEs.
¨Instead of overwhelming SMEs with multiple options, we focused on three key pillars namely productivity, security and communication to simplify maintenance and IT support within their businesses,¨ says Ruan du Preez, senior product manager: managed IT services at Vox.
Designed for SMEs with five to 30 employees, IT in a Box provides user workstation fundamental maintenance and support. In an effort to simplify the choices for business owners and decision makers, Vox has developed structured plans that provide a sliding scale of services, with pricing that starts at R379 per month, plan dependent.
For those SMEs that require additional flexibility, the company has also created a menu of customisable extras, that offers everything from Cloud backup to video conferencing through VoxAir and uncapped voice services through Vobi.
Concludes du Preez: “We know that SMEs are under immense pressure to keep their business running, and IT support and systems are often not a priority, but if not maintained, can lead to unforeseen downtime and compromised security. We just want to make IT easier and more cost effective for them.¨