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Integr8 recognised for HR technology innovation


ICT managed services specialist Integr8 has been recognised for its HR technology, having been nominated as a finalist in the Future of HR Awards 2017 in the category Best HR Industry Innovation Using Technology.
Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO of Integr8, explains that HR is an area that has been impacted significantly by digitalisation. He believes that HR practices and the role of the HR professional have changed significantly.
The shift from ‘personnel’ to ‘human resource’ was part of the movement to acknowledge the value of employees as an organisational resource and an attempt to remove some of the stigma attached to slow, bureaucratic personnel departments.
This shift was accompanied by a call for HR to become a strategic partner with the leaders of the business-to contribute to significant business decisions, advise on critical transitions and develop the value of the employees.
“HR and human capital management is becoming more reliant on solutions that automate and streamline functions and organisational processes. This recognition emphasises that technology aside, people will always be at the heart of HR,” says Fanaroff.
“HR is core to our company in driving transformation and skills development, and when it comes to acquiring these solutions and embracing digitalisation to enhance HR, it really is about being ‘future fit’ to handle the demands of a continuously evolving market,” he adds.
Integr8’s advice to HR professionals who want to keep ahead of innovation and technology trends is to always keep in mind how HR has changed and what its modern mandate is.
According to the company, HR needs to be a strategic partner working to align HR and business strategy, an administrative ‘expert’ working to improve organisational processes and deliver basic HR services, an employee champion, listening and responding to the needs of employees, and a change agent managing change processes to increase the effectiveness of the organisation.
“Being nominated as a finalist for this renowned award, is confirmation that we are on the right path,” confirms Monica Manana, HR manager of Integr8. The Future of HR Awards 2017 will be adjudicated by the panel including representatives from Telesure Group, Smart HR, AngloGold Ashanti, Global Business Solutions, Coca Cola SA, SABPP, Deloitte, TransUnion Africa and Quest Staffing Solutions.
Winners of the industry competition will be announced on 20 July 2017 in Johannesburg.