Intact Software Distribution has won the distribution rights to Group-IB, which provides high-grade threat intelligence and anti-fraud solutions. 

Group-IB has been active in the field of computer forensics and information security since 2003, and has been protecting the biggest international organisations against financial losses and reputation risks.

It is recognised by Gartner as a ‘threat intelligence vendor with strong cyber security focus and the ability to provide leading insight to the Eastern European region’ and has been recommended by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

“The company’s experience and threat intelligence is unprecedented, and has been fused into an eco-system of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions to monitor, identify and prevent cyber threats,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact Software Distribution.

According to him, Group-IB is an ideal addition to the Intact stable. “Intact aims to offer best-in-class, complete security solutions to clients. Group-IB is the unquestioned leader in advanced threat protection, and will benefit our clients enormously. With our years of expertise and highly trained staff, we are perfectly placed to help grow the Group-IB brand in South Africa and the rest of the continent.”

He says Group-IB has four flagship solutions that Intact will be offering its customers: Threat Intelligence, Threat Detection System (TDS), Secure Bank and Secure Portal.

Threat Intelligence offers prompt attack and threat notifications for a company, its clients and partners. In addition, it enables direct access to compromised data and TTPs of malicious activity, and provides detections, analysis and forecasts of hacking activity in the areas of interest. It also features a convenient web interface for data search and analysis, personal cyber intelligence analyst support, and tailored reports and malware analysis.

Group-IB TDS is an effective tool to identify network anomalies and cyber threats in real-time which are targeting your network. “This system is based on the company’s unique expertise and threat intelligence foundation. It offers immediate notifications on all relevant malware families, identification of infected devices in an organisations company’s wireless networks, as well as manual log analysis and allocation of critical incidents by Group-IB experts. It has a user-friendly web interface and provides detailed reports on detected threats,” Campbell-Young explains.

Secure Bank controls risks related to the weakest link in the online payment security chain — a company’s clients. “It detects fraud preparation and execution without installing any software on client devices by identifying several threats, including malicious injections in an online banking system, phishing and social engineering attacks, unsanctioned remote connection to a consumer’s device to conduct transactions on his/her behalf, and malicious code to conduct automatic payment or substitute account details on consumer devices. It also roots out new versions of malicious software and intrusions through zero-day vulnerabilities.”

Finally, Secure Portal enables businesses to control risks related to a vulnerability in the Internet business security chain: Web site users. “The solution detects fraud preparation and attempts in real-time without installation of any additional software on client devices to identify several threats. These include unsanctioned access and use of sensitive or confidential information, bank card data collection and stolen card use, and phishing and social engineering attack methods.

“It also helps to prevent unsanctioned remote connection to a consumer’s device using their indicators to conduct transactions on his/her behalf, as well as new types of fraud committed on the client side,” Campbell-Young says.

“Developing exponentially on the global scale we see great potential in the Emerging Markets that are to become our business focus area in years to come. Following the principles of trust and confidence, which are basic for cybersecurity, we pay much attention to the proper selection of our regional partners,” comments Garry Kondakov, chief business officer of Group-IB.

“Intact Software Distribution plays a big role on the South African market. It has all necessary expertise to correspond to the highest vendor requirements, ensure proper product deployment and customer support. We plan to considerably increase our presence in the region through productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.”