As new recruitment trends come to the fore, the need for background screening remains constant.

Rudi Kruger, GM of risk solutions at LexisNexis Data Services, points out that technology is becoming more entrenched in recruitment, with gamification, smartphones and data analytics all playing a part in the process.

Through all of these trends, background screening remain timeless, he says, offering reliable, credible and valuable information on the candidate.

“Taking on new employees can be a precarious and costly venture, with time, resources and security at risk,” says Kruger. “Many of the past and future trends may assist in simplifying the candidate selection process, however only a comprehensive background check will establish a job candidate’s history, character, fitness and academic qualifications.

“These checks are essential to any recruitment initiative because they reveal the true identities of candidates. So, regardless of which new trends and technology enter the field, recruiters should never neglect to conduct essential background screening on every candidate.”

Relevant background checks include:

* Criminal illicit activity

* Credit bureau reports

* School and tertiary academic qualifications

* Employment history

* Professional association memberships

* Fit and proper screening

* ID verification

* Drivers licence

* Permanent residency

* Bank verification.