SkyGroup Communications is pleased to announce the local availability of the Yealink Meeting Server, an all-in-one meeting management system solution that satisfies the multiple video conferencing demands of medium-sized and large enterprises.
A distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure that supports HD video conferencing collaboration, the Yealink Meeting Server will help customers better manage multiple video conferences, while at the same time ensure the quality of delivery. From a single management platform customers can take advantage of rich meeting functions, wide flexibility, security and reliability, for all of their meeting requirements.
“Video conferencing is really growing in South Africa, particularly as companies are electing to move towards remote working as well as a result of the increase in business disruption we have experienced on a socio-economic front,” says Marius van Wyk, operations and technical director at SkyGroup Communications. “But video conferencing can be expensive unless you use the right solutions specified for your business and manage your usage effectively – which is why meeting management systems are so important.”
The Yealink Meeting Server combines an MCU, registrar server, traversal server, directory server, meeting and device management server, all in a single all-in-one device. As it is packaged in a single unit customers can cut costs by negating the need for multiple and disparate solutions while at the same time improve efficiency. With Yealink Meeting Server you can manage and control multiple devices such as room systems, video phones, mobile apps and PC software.
The solution can be deployed locally (on premise) or via the public cloud and it boasts meeting functionality such as video conferencing collaboration and different conference modes, be it a P2P conference or a scheduled meeting. Furthermore, the Yealink Meeting Server allows anyone to enjoy video conferencing collaboration from anywhere with any device. It also supports remote device management, which in turn greatly improves administrators’ working efficiency and reduces enterprise maintenance costs.
According to van Wyk, a key differentiator of the Yealink Meeting Server solution is that is supports security standards such as TLS, SRTP, HTTPS and dynamic passwords.
“The Yealink Meeting Server is the perfect cloud-based video collaboration infrastructure for the modern business that understands that remote working, geographic collaboration and cross-border business networking can all be achieved through video conferencing,” van Wyk says.