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Targus SA launches Targus Workspace Solutions


Targus South Africa, a manufacturer of mobile PC carrying cases and accessories, has presented its new product range and Targus Workspace Solutions.
The new range was announced to distributors, resellers and key retailers, which included the latest docking and workspace accessories, field-ready tablet cases, laptop cases and USB-C adapters from Targus.
“The workplace is evolving rapidly towards greater mobility, with the static office gradually becoming a relic of the past,” says Mohamed El Aougri, sales director for Targus South Africa. “We have developed the most innovative approach to mobile workspaces, with a smart range of accessories for managing your business technology in a fast-changing connected, on-the-go working environment.”
Earlier this year, in the run-up to expanding its product range and further embedding the consultative approach in transitioning client workspaces, Targus South Africa announced that it had appointed Axiz and Tarsus Distribution as its master distributors, serving the Southern Africa region.
While the long-term relationships with existing distributors in South Africa will be maintained, Axiz and Tarsus will serve the corporate and retail markets with a full range of products to carry, connect and protect.
The rapid growth, merging and restructuring of offices globally means a strong demand for continued support to an increasingly mobile, connected workforce.
Through a consultative approach, Targus Workspace Solutions will help with desk infrastructure to support modern, flexible working practices and maintain productive environments, and deliver the best solution for future-facing businesses.
“Always connected, mobile workers will be a rare sight in the office,” El Aougri says. “We are already seeing companies adopting a hot-desk approach. For instance, a company might employ 50 employees and only provide 40 permanent desks (or less) that are open for use on a first-come-first-serve basis.
“Wherever employees choose to work, we can ensure they have the right tools and environment to be able to connect securely and easily to their network and be optimally productive,” he adds.