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Smartick helps with maths homework


Helping your children with their school homework these days is enough to give any parent anxiety. Having to differentiate between mathematics and mathematics literacy and the modern curriculum can be baffling.
Smartick, an online afterschool maths program supported by the European Union, which has already attained worldwide recognition for helping 83% of students between 4 and 14 years of age improve their grades, is now available in South Africa.
Evenings after work will be a harmonious experience again, what with the knowledge that your child is working on an app touted as among the 2016 Top 30 best global start-ups in New York by The Next Web. A year earlier, it was also picked among the four best Education Technology projects by the European Commission.
With Smartick’s after school programme, children can participate in daily 15 minute sessions, which can be performed anywhere, including on the drive back from school or before soccer or hockey practice. It has been used by more than 32 000 children in over 70 countries – 94% of which have seen an improvement in their calculation, reasoning and problem-solving skills thanks to the short daily classes.
Smartick uses the latest Artificial Intelligence to adapt to the child’s learning style, quickly addressing areas where the child needs to improve on. Once they are fully versed and competent, the app then moves the child to the next level, unlike paper-based programmes which force the child to go through a pre-defined path for all kids, no matter what they have already mastered. Here, they work on a personalised curriculum – one that is sure to keep them from dozing off from boredom or turning their attention to something else.
And if you’re unsure about leaving your child to work on a tablet or computer by themselves, you can rest assured in the knowledge that Smartick has a team of 45 engineers, mathematicians, pedagogues, psychologists and educators around the world, ready to encourage your kids to fall in love with maths.
“We are going to show that is school-age children enhance mathematics and co-train their cognitive skills, in an adaptive and intelligent way, we will be maximising their school performance. We want to bring their performance to a higher level in South Africa,” says co-founders of Smartick, Daniel Gonzalez de Vega and Javier Arroyo.