An interim MD will be appointed at SAP South Africa, probably on Friday (14 July), to head up the local operation while four members of the management team are on administrative leave.

Adaire Fox-Martin, executive board member: global customer operations at SAP, says the interim MD will be supported by financial and legal resources both locally and in Germany, to effectively run the business during an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing.

She wouldn’t name the four members of the management team who have been placed on leave, but they are believed to be SAP Africa MD Brett Parker, SAP South Africa MD Lawrence Kandaswami, and managers from operations and finance.

Fox-Martin stresses that placing managers on administrative leave doesn’t mean that SAP believes them guilty of wrongdoing.

“SAP continues to reject the allegations in the media,” she says. “And the employees we have placed on administrative leave are considered innocent until the investigation has been concluded.

“Once it is concluded we will disclose the outcome of the investigation.”