Interest in serving the needs of business customers and offering them new communications services has surged in recent years, with providers recognising that even the smallest business can benefit from value added capabilities. The dynamic nature of many African economies has led many to focus on the provision of solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency.
Gintel has partnered with South African digital innovator and MVNE provider, Digital Solutions Group (DSG).
The partnership is designed to accelerate time to market for communications service providers (CSPs) wishing to deliver new B2B services to enterprise and entrepreneurial customers. DSG offers rich, highly scalable hosting capabilities, as well as the OSS/BSS assets required to trial, launch and grow a rich B2B service portfolio, enabling CSPs to reach new markets and to target higher-value business users.
The partnership extends across African countries and will be supported by the operational skills to enable more investors and CSPs to realise their service aims, cost effectively and with the powerful service offers enabled by Gintel’s proven solutions.
“DSG brings reach and a deep understanding of African markets to Gintel, while we can offer our proven portfolio of B2B services that have brought new innovation and enhance communications for business customers in other markets,” says Thomas Evensen, CEO of Gintel. “Our partnership will enable more CSPs to launch B2B services, boosting productivity and contributing to economic growth across the continent.”
DSG will add Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite and other B2B services, such as Conferencing, Call Recording, Mobile VoIP and Business Twinning to its portfolio.
“There’s considerable latent demand for richer enterprise communications in many African countries. By partnering with Gintel, we can enable more providers to launch, based on our common platforms and shared infrastructure, helping more people to benefit from the value they bring,” says Yaron Assabi, founder and CEO of DSG. “It allows us to move swiftly to accelerate service deployment and gives us a comprehensive portfolio to address new B2B requirements and to unlock the potential of this market.”
The partnership is already bearing fruit, with discussions under way with providers in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana and Ghana. Gintel and DSG are committed to boosting business growth and to helping more companies benefit from the latest innovations in B2B communications.
Services can be enabled across mobile networks and over VoIP, providing the extensive coverage and connectivity options required in different countries and to cater for the emerging tier of MVNOs that seek to disrupt established markets.