Local managed service providers (MSPs) can now access Rubrik’s advanced cloud data management platform, via Rubrik’s affiliation with Networks Unlimited.
Anton Jacobsz, MD of Networks Unlimited, notes that the Rubrik platform enables MSPs in high-growth environments to easily scale their operations, ensuring their clients’ data is backed-up, managed and highly secured.
“Rubrik’s globally-leading cloud platform also unlocks opportunities for innovative new cloud services – helping to accelerate the pace of innovation and capture new business opportunities,” he adds.
The converged data management platform delivers data protection, search and analytics, archiving and compliance, and copy data management capabilities. It enables local organisations to abstract and eliminate the complexity of their legacy architectures.
MSPs can deploy Rubrik within their own data centres or at the client’s site in a turnkey appliance or software appliance, to enable powerful business benefits:
* Quick setup: Rack and go with automated discovery of the complete infrastructure.
* Policy automation: It takes just minutes to configure backup, replication, and archival policies; and assigning VMs, physical applications and databases to policy groups
* Effortless orchestration: Rubrik’s programmatic interface automates how data services are created, consumed, and retired across clouds.
* Compliance and capacity reporting: Track all of your backup, replication, and archival jobs – and get real-time alerts and dashboards reflecting capacity utilisation, growth, and runway.
* API-first architecture: With Rubrik’s API-driven interface you can automate custom lifecycle management workflows fluidly interlace with third party services.
* Backup and recovery: Deliver near-zero RTO and instant recovery testing by mounting VMs directly onto Rubrik (so no rehydration or additional storage provisioning is necessary).
* Replication and DR: Deliver WAN-optimised, asynchronous replication in a multi-way and bi-directional topology. Avoid unnecessary network and storage costs with global deduplication that scales out to the full fabric.
* Data archival: Lower your data archival costs by using more economical private or public cloud storage tiers. Not only does Rubrik send deduplicated data to reduce transfer and storage costs, but its global index catalogues data wherever it’s stored, so you can locate data instantly with realtime search.
* Scale-out architecture: Scale to thousands of nodes in a single system with ease – while deduplication, compression, and other data services scale in-line with the cluster to maximise efficiency and savings.
“MSPs can gain far tighter control of their costs by taking advantage of Rubrik’s Pay-as-you-Grow models, ensuring that costs are always aligned to consumption, and helping to carve out better profit margins,” says Jacobsz.
He explains that as data management becomes almost entirely automated, MSPs can elevate their client conversations towards what new outcomes can be achieved with their new-found operational agility.
“With the Rubrik platform controlling one’s data, clients are able to spark more widespread digital transformation, as Rubrik becomes a keystone in building out their new digital architectures,” he adds.