A powerful majority of South African employees believe their companies aren’t bringing enough innovative new technologies or business processes to adapt to changes in the market.
Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA, unpacks the findings of research conducted on behalf of Ricoh by Quocirca and Coleman-Parkes.
“I believe my company should do more to implement new technology and processes to adapt to the changing landscape,” say 77% of South African employees.
Not far behind that large group are 73% who believe newer technologies and tools will “significantly increase connectivity, meaning more workforce communication will be done via technology rather than face-to-face”.
When it comes to innovative technology, 66% of surveyed employees believe two things: disruption and economic change will force their companies to be more creative with resources to be competitive; and their business will be in a stronger position by the end of 2017 than it was at the beginning.
A comparatively minor about one-third of employees (35%) are nervous about the world of change landing on their doorsteps in 2017 and 32% expect that, no matter what they and their employers do, businesses will suffer in 2017 as a result of the changing political, economic, and digital landscapes.
However, the message is that South African companies need to do more to bring their employees the empowering communications and collaboration technologies they need to cope with the mounting global pressures in a world of change.