In2IT, an ICT managed solutions provider, have recently been named SA’s most innovative ‘tech’ firm by Global Brands.
The award acknowledges performance excellence. This was done by identifying the efforts of key players striving for distinction in the fields of finance, education, hospitality, lifestyle, automobiles and of course technology. Examining the service delivery, performance and branding exercises undertaken by companies to rise above the rest, these awards are the pinnacle of global recognition and the benchmark for excellence.
“Innovation is what differentiates us, enabling us to penetrate new markets and position ourselves competitively. This award serves as acknowledgement that In2IT understands that technology is the enabler, but innovation is the advocate,” says Saurabh Kumar, CEO of In2IT Tech.
“We are thrilled to have been named South Africa’s Most Innovative Technology Firm as innovation is at the very heart of what we do. Given that our mandate is to keep our clients at the forefront of technology in such a fast-paced, constantly-evolving marketplace, innovation is what enables us to explore and conceive previously-unimaginable strategic opportunities that our industry, and others will be predisposed to,” Kumar adds.
Nominations for the Global Brands Awards are accepted from companies of different countries and regions throughout the year across a wide range of categories. These nominations are made proactively and companies are invited to participate in the awards by the GBA Nominations Team.
Nominations received at a national level are adjudicated by an independent external research agency after having been validated by an internal research team to ensure adequate data is available for adjudication. Once shortlisted, nominations are scrutinised by the external research agency against data collected from publicly available sources before being passed back to an internal team to determine the winners based on fundamental objectives.
“These awards are significant as they’re an accurate reflection of the industry players they seek to reward, given that more than 7000 companies are evaluated globally through the nominations process,” Kumar explains.
“As part of our commitment to innovation, we recently launched our Global Operations Centre where various teams are set to work on cutting-edge developments such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies, putting us and our clients at the coalface of innovation. Hand-in-hand with innovation, comes growth and skills development, as tools required for breaking new ground. Here we are launching our Learnership Programme which will see more than 40 ICT graduates and matriculants through an NQF 5 Information Technology: Systems Support qualification while incorporating an experiential learning component,” Kumar says.
“Being an innovative technology firm is not just about solving problems – it’s about solving problems that no one else sees, and this mindset that will allow us to continue adding value for our clients in the face of constant change,” Kumar concludes.